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Yoghurt pie with orange syrup (traditional Greek dessert)

6169191334_8f2cc973f8Yoghurt pie is a traditional dessert, easy to make it.

My mother used to make it for us and i still remember the smiles on our faces.




You are going to need

6 eggs

250 grammars butter

490 grammars sugar

280 grammars Greek drained yoghurt

250 grammars thin semolina

260 grammars all purpose flour

250 grammars brandy

some vanilla flour

25 grammars baking powder


for the syrup 

2 1/2 glasses of water sugar

2 1/2 glasses water

Peel from 1 big orange

juice of half lemon


Beat butter and sugar until they become fluffy and after that add the egg yolks

Beat egg whites to become thick meringue  and add to the butter mixture

Whisk together all dry ingredients and add them to the butter mixture together with yoghurt and brandy and mix well.

Use a flowered pan of 20 cm diameter .

Bake for 60 minutes at 170 c .

Boil the ingredients of the syrup . Let it boil for 10 minutes. When pie is cold pour hot syrup and let it stay for an hour.

You are going to love it



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One thought on “Yoghurt pie with orange syrup (traditional Greek dessert)

  1. looks delicious!

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