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Jukeros Handmade delicacies


After a pause of some months Chef Dimitris Chomatas is back with his new project.

Jukeros handmade delicacies are here to make you fall in love with them.

A new Brand, new concept and of course new flavors are going to make you lose your mind.

Some of the new products are

A  hot sauce made red chili peppers, red peppers from Florina , mint,caraway and  a touch of garlic.

A mango and pineapple hot chili sauce, perfect for shrimps, Lobster, and what ever you can thing

A tomato and apple chutney with anise,smoked paprika and mustard seeds,

A mouthwatering sweet chili chutney with red bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes.

And the list is never ending.

Stay tuned!!!!









Fresh Start

Source: Fresh Start

Mr jukes carrot cake cookies



Οπως πάντα, μοναδικά προιόντα υψηλής ποιότητας

Νηστίσημη Πανακότα με γάλα καρύδας

Κοτολέτες αρνιού με σάλτσα απο λουλούδια Αλόης, Πράσινο τσάι και μέντα

Μπισκοτα αμυγδάλου γεμιστά με Apricot Moon (η μήπως όχι?)

Amazin Almond and apricot cookies

Τάρτα με προσούτο, τυριά και Indian Vibes by Mr. juke

Τάρτα εσπεριδοειδών με Hesperides Garden

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