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How to make Gravlax.

gravlax1Gravlax is marinated salmon.

The word comes from the Norwegian word grav which means grave. During middle ages norwegian fishermen used to bury the salted salmon fillets into the sand next to the sea.

We no longer use this method  but we still bury  salmon into salt.

You can prepare your own gravlax

You are going to need a very fresh salmon fillet,all bones removed, skin on.

you are also going to need

1 kg coarse salt

150 grammars sugar

200 grammars crushed black pepper corn

a bunch of chopped dill

2 lime lemons

The salmon fillet must be very smooth without scratches and without water 

Mix the salt with sugar,pepper and dill.

cut lime lemon into very thin slices and mix it with the salt.

Cover the salmon fillet  with the mixture ,cover with wrap and put a heavy cover to give some pressure .

Let it stay inside the refrigerator for 24 hours.

After that take the salmon out of the salt , wash it carefully and dry it with a towel.cut thin slices and enjoy it.

If you dont plan to consume soon keep it in the refrigerator sliced and prepared in small portions

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