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Baby Baklava with ice cream

650x565-kourkoumpiniBaklava is very traditional dessert not only in Greece ,but all around east Mediterranean countries.

Made with fillo dough and dried nuts, is very crispy and full of syrup.

But there is a kind of baklava, very thin, without nuts,thick as a pencil, which is perfect with ice cream

The secret of success to baklava is butter.

You must use the best quality butter you can find and you will need a really big amount of it.

Generally fillo dough when baked is dry and crispy. to stay crispy you will need a really thick syrup

And to keep the syrup inside the dessert you will need some dry breadcrumbs, thin as a flour

Important is to have all ingredients  ready  because you will need to work fast.

Fillo dough when opened starts getting dry and it breaks.

There are 2 types of fillo. the thin and the thinner.

Best is the thinner .

For one pack of fillo for baklava you will need 600-700 grams of high quality butter (cows butter).

You must melt it and clear it for any white liquids

1 teacup of dry breadcrubs

1 kg sugar

500 ml water

1 cinnamon stick

juice from 1/2 lemon

start with syrup. boil all together until a thick syrup is formed and let it come to room temperature

take 1 fillo at a time and brush it with butter. Sprinkle with breadcrubs and roll it very tight

If it is very thin repeat and before rolling add the rolled fillo and roll again.

Cut into pieces at about 4cm and put them at a medium deep dish.

Repeat until fillo is finished.

The size of the dish is important. Pieces must be tight inside the dish.

Cover the pieces of baklava with the remaining melted butter.

Bake at 150 C for about 2 hours

When baklava is baked has a golden brown color and is very crispy

Now, when Baklava is still very hot drain from butter very well.

If the syrup is cold pour it over baklava slowly until pieces are swimming inside it and let it get cold

This sweet must not get inside a refrigerator.

Put some pieces over ice cream. it is very crispy and flavorful . try them by their own. You will love them as they are.

Dont eat many.

They are full of calories

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